Why Are Acrylic Fish Tanks So Popular?


Acrylic fish tank is more and more popular with the pub […]

Acrylic fish tank is more and more popular with the public. Today we will talk about its basic characteristics and the matters needing attention when purchasing.

I basic characteristics of acrylic fish tank:

1. Compared with common glass fish tanks, acrylic fish tanks have better weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and stronger insulation.

2, the light transmission effect is good, reaching 93 percent, and meanwhile, the light intensity of the fish tank is small, so that electric energy can be better saved.

3. Acrylic fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass fish tank, and has a longer service life compared with the same type of fish tank.

4. Compared with the same type of fish tank, acrylic fish tank has light weight, which is half of that of glass fish tank, and is more beautiful and colorful than ordinary fish tank.

5, the modelling changes greatly, the plasticity is stronger, the processing is easy to form.

6. Acrylic fish tanks are easier to clean and more convenient to maintain than ordinary fish tanks. They have stronger weatherability, higher nominal softness, better external luster and better low-temperature performance.

7. Acrylic fish tank is more wear-resistant and not easy to corrupt.

Two, acrylic fish tank to buy matters needing attention:

When purchasing acrylic fish tanks, attention should be paid to whether there are scratches and scratches on the tank surface, whether there are nodules, circular vortices, surface shrinkage marks (especially at corners), cracks, pockmarks, mildew spots, alkali marks, water marks, bubbles and foreign impurities in the middle of the plate.

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