What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Acrylic Swimming Pool?


Among the baby swimming pools, acrylic swimming pool is […]

Among the baby swimming pools, acrylic swimming pool is very popular with investors because of its beautiful appearance, durability and convenient use.

There are usually several different types of acrylic swimming pools for babies. These swimming pools are beautiful in appearance and give people a very superior visual feeling. But what should we pay attention to when using acrylic swimming pool?

First, acrylic baby swimming pool cannot exist in one place with other organic solvents. Do not contact with organic solvent, as it may damage the surface of acrylic swimming pool. During the transportation of the acrylic swimming pool, the surface protective film or paper cannot be scraped off, because the complexity of the transportation process easily affects the internal materials of the acrylic swimming pool.

Secondly, the temperature of acrylic swimming pool should not exceed 85℃. I believe this should be easy to do. Another thing is to use 1% soapy water to clean the acrylic swimming pool. The soapy water should be soft cotton cloth instead of hard or dry friction, otherwise the acrylic swimming pool surface is easy to scratch. Acrylic swimming pool has a large expansion coefficient, and the expansion gap caused by temperature change should be reserved. Acrylic swimming pool can be used for about 5 years as long as it is properly used.

Therefore, in the actual use process, should pay special attention to the above points. It is hoped that in the process of using acrylic swimming pool, investors can not only enjoy the advantages of acrylic swimming pool, but also better maintain it and avoid the disadvantages of acrylic swimming pool.

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