What Should be Considered in the Development of Aquarium?


Among the public aquarium currently available in China, […]

Among the public aquarium currently available in China, it is clear from statistics that there are also quite a number of museums older than 10 years old. They are all facing the fact that facilities from inside to outside and displays need to be rectified due to obsolescence. Such problems have been increasing day by day.

Features are also the things we have been emphasizing. However, as far as the current domestic situation is concerned, it is relatively difficult to make real features, and the situation of "copying" display means and displaying species is relatively serious. For example, if you see a good display mode, you can "take" it directly.

In addition to means of development, animal conservation, environmental protection and popular science education are also important topics for aquarium to consider. Under the promotion of the Association, museums with high overall comprehensive capabilities such as Changsha Submarine World have also done a lot of work in international exchanges, animal conservation and special exhibition attempts. China Aquarium is drawing closer to the international level.

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