What Kind of Fish Tank is The Aquarium More Suitable For?


It seems to be a big deal to put a beautiful color tank […]

It seems to be a big deal to put a beautiful color tank in the living room. Fish activities add a lot of natural smells to the home. If you want to fish, of course, you must have a fish tank. It is also very important to choose what kind of fish tank to fish. Today, let's talk about the good materials for fish tanks. What is the difference between acrylic fish tank and ordinary glass fish tank? Is aquarium more suitable for acrylic aquarium or glass aquarium? The following will provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

1. Acrylic aquarium: organic glass, commonly used in aquariums.

Advantages: good transparency, heavy warps, one-time molding, that is, we often see the aquarium is one body, and there is no secondary bonding gap interface, safe and not easy to break.

Disadvantages: easy to scratch and poor wear resistance. Generally speaking, acrylic can't stand the friction of years, and slight scratches will appear over time. Although it is very beautiful and light at the beginning, there will be slight damages in the end to some extent, which will affect the beauty of the view. However, once it is used, it will have good motion. It will also cause abrasion on the bottom of acrylic fish tank.

Composite acrylic with high temperature can reach about 90 degrees, pure acrylic with high temperature can reach 120 degrees, therefore, if you accidentally put cigarette butts in contact with the fish tank, it will damage the fish tank, because the temperature of cigarette butts from the surface to the center is 200 degrees to 800 degrees, the price of the fish tank is directly related to its material, that is to say, the fish tank uses acrylic material, plus acrylic fish tanks are usually equipped with a base cabinet, so the price is many times higher than the general fish tank.

2. Float glass: This is the glass we often use.

Strength: Of course, transparency may not be as good as acrylic. If applied to aquariums, they will not move, which belongs to the traditional general data. Cigarette butts are still very high in temperature and hardness, which can effectively avoid scratches.

Disadvantages: easy to break, heavy in weight and difficult to handle. As a traditional fish red material, it is the primary target of the economic supremacy crowd, because it is cheap and durable, but heavy in weight, usually placed in one place, usually for many years.

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