What is The Process for Custom-Made Large Fish Tanks?


People are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, a […]

People are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, and the role of large acrylic fish tank in people’s lives is becoming more and more important. Many homes and offices have plans to customize large fish tanks. Many people don’t know what processes are needed, and they do Inexperienced, very lack of experience, let me give you a brief introduction, what is the process for custom-made large fish tanks?

1. Various comparative consultations. Now that the Internet is so developed, many companies can directly communicate with us on the Internet. This is more convenient for us. We can directly consult many companies on the Internet, and compare those many companies. It is certainly not that detailed on the Internet, but it is still possible to understand some things approximately.

2. Go to the physical store to see the specific and detailed prices and customized materials and other details and discuss the price. After all, what you see on the Internet is definitely not so comprehensive. You still have to go to the physical store to understand more clearly. So we have to go to the physical store for a lot of content

3. On-site measurement. After the customer decides on our home, because the custom-made large aquarium is different from the small one, if it is convenient, we will conduct a door-to-door measurement of this specific size to make it more suitable for your design and installation.

4. Customized design of large-scale fish tanks. Because of our customization, it must be designed first. Only after the fish tanks are designed first, we will start to do it after confirming it for you. Otherwise, we are worried that we will not meet the customer's requirements directly by making it. It is definitely not good. We have to design and do it first.

5. Production installation. After we finalize the design, we will start production and installation, and you will start inspection after production. After passing the inspection, we will install it on site. After installation, you have to check and accept it.

6. Completion acceptance: The equipment is debugged on site without any faults. After the debugging is completed, a fish breeding instruction manual will be presented, the after-sales service card will be filled in, and the balance payment will be settled. Wait for the final details.

7. Fish tank maintenance: Customers who need maintenance and maintenance can provide paid service on a regular basis and sign a contract. We have a professional fish tank care team to do the most comprehensive and professional care for your fish tank. You can always consult us if you don’t understand at any time. We will answer for you at any time.

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