What is The Difference Between Acrylic and Plastic?


Acrylic, scientific name methyl methacrylate, common na […]

Acrylic, scientific name methyl methacrylate, common name special treatment plexiglass. Has the reputation of "Plastic Queen".

Acrylic was used in aircraft windshields, tank vision mirrors, etc. during World War II because of its excellent toughness and light transmittance. Mobile phone screens were made of optical grade acrylic. Acrylic is popular in the outdoor advertising industry because of its unique quality.

Acrylic has crystal-like transparency, light transmittance is more than 92%, and dyed-acrylic-has a good color development effect. In addition, the acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance and a high surface Hardness and surface gloss and better high temperature resistance. Acrylic sheets have good processing properties. They can be thermoformed (including compression molding, blow molding and vacuum molding), or mechanical processing methods such as drilling, turning, washing, cutting, etc. The mechanical cutting and engraving controlled by a microcomputer not only greatly improves the processing accuracy, but also produces more exquisite patterns and shapes than traditional methods. In addition, the acrylic sheet can be laser cut and laser engraved to produce products with peculiar effects.

How to distinguish between good and bad?

1 Look at the surrounding area of the material.

2 The surface of the paper mold is not damaged. Generally, the new material board produced recently is very firmly attached to the paper mold.

3 Transparency and vividness of colors. Tear a paper mold on the corner of the material and look at the light or lamp, it’s obvious

4 Tear off some paper molds on the corners of the material. Water lines and ice-like things will appear on the surface of the poor material, which can be seen at a glance

5 Tolerance of material thickness. It is invisible to the naked eye, it is best to use a caliper to measure. (Good material tolerance is 0.2MM in positive payment) The thickness tolerance of the poor board is about 0.8MM in positive payment, which can be reflected by hand touch.

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