What are The Advantages of Acrylic Sheets for Swimming Pools?


The acrylic swimming pool has become the first choice o […]

The acrylic swimming pool has become the first choice of all major infant swimming pools on the market with its advantages of one-time molding, no joints, and no pollution. Today, I will take you to have a more thorough understanding of the characteristics of this acrylic material and the identification method.

The official name of the acrylic swimming pool is a glass fiber reinforced plastic swimming pool. The surface material is methyl propyl methyl, and the reverse side is covered with glass fiber and coated with a special resin for reinforcement. The color of the entire pool is uniform, the surface is smooth, and there is no layering, bubbles, etc. The thickness of the surface layer is generally more than 3 mm, and it is firmly bonded to the glass fiber, without peeling, and the transparency is the highest among all plastics.

Features of Acrylic Swimming Pool:

The acrylic swimming pool has slow heat transfer, so it has good heat preservation, and there is no "cold" feeling in contact with the body surface. Compared with cast iron or steel plate swimming pools, it has a "warm and soft" feeling, and it won't hurt the body.

Although it is also a kind of glass, acrylic is not as "fragile" like glass. Its impact resistance is 200 times stronger than that of ordinary glass, and it hardly breaks. Its load-bearing capacity changes with the thickness, the thicker the stronger. Acrylic has a hard side, but it is also flexible. It is very suitable for modeling, and the curvature of the angle can be achieved through technology.

Due to its excellent surface finish, the special acrylic sheet has an abrasion resistance equivalent to aluminum, is not easy to scratch, and is easy to clean. If a sharp object scratch occurs, the scratch is easy to repair, just wipe it with ordinary white toothpaste.

The special acrylic sheet also has strong corrosion resistance and light transmittance. Moreover, because the pigment can be dissolved in the board, its color is very stable, and it is not easy to fade under long-term sunlight and rain.

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