What Are The Advantages of Acrylic Baby Pool?


Acrylic swimming pools are beautiful in appearance, wit […]

Acrylic swimming pools are beautiful in appearance, with fountains, bubbles, colorful lights, etc., rich in functions, and computer-controlled. They look very tall, but they also have fatal flaws. Formal large institutions will not use acrylic swimming pools.

1. Too small

For children’s pools, this does not seem to be a problem, just put a few more. However, when there are more swimming pools, the amount of maintenance has been greatly increased, and the space utilization rate has dropped significantly. In this era of large amounts of land and small amounts of money, this is really a huge waste. Can you tolerate it?

2. Too dirty

Acrylic swimming pools mostly evolved from household SPA pools, not specially designed for commercial use. They are extremely weak in the filtration and disinfection of pool water. Generally, after one year of use, a large amount of dirt will accumulate on the pool wall, and a large amount of grease will accumulate inside the nozzle. , Can not be cleaned, causing bacteria to grow, and water quality is difficult to guarantee. If such a swimming pool that is only suitable for home use is reluctantly used as a commercial one, the water must be changed frequently or an external professional water treatment system will be connected. This will not only lead to an increase in cost, but also difficult to guarantee reliability.

3. Too shallow

Acrylic swimming pools have limited load-bearing capacity, so the water depth is not large, generally within one meter, and can only barely allow the baby to swim. If parents want to have fun with the baby, it is very embarrassing and want to be a large parent-child The swimming pool is absolutely impossible.

In addition, the acrylic swimming pool also has the problem of inconvenience in disassembly and assembly. It is normal to enter through broken windows and doors; some adhesives such as silica gel will be used in the assembly process, which may cause toxic pollution; without professional filtering equipment, the pipes are easily damaged. Clogging of hair, debris, etc.

Nowadays, formal large-scale institutions generally use fabricated children's swimming pools. This type of swimming pool body is made of steel and is very convenient to install. Most importantly, it is designed for commercial use and has a professional water circulation treatment system, which guarantees more water quality; The size, water depth, appearance color, etc. can be customized freely. The cost of fabricated swimming pools is relatively high. Organizations with large pools of more than ten meters use more. Generally, traditional acrylic swimming pools are more suitable for small organizations.

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