What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Large Acrylic Panel?


Large acrylic panel is a kind of specially treated plex […]

Large acrylic panel is a kind of specially treated plexiglass with simple color and rich color. It can be said to be the replacement product of plexiglass. The light box made of acrylic not only has outstanding light transmittance, but also is beautiful and flat. It can coordinate the two functions of day and night, and its service life is quite long.

1. Advantages of Acrylic Plate

(1) Good plasticity: It can be easily processed into other special products, such as glass, distance, bathtub, etc.

(2) Good transparency: Because it is a colorless and transparent plexiglass plate with a light transmittance of more than 92%, it can give people a visual aesthetic feeling.

(3) Excellent weatherability: There is nothing comparable to the adaptability of acrylic board, especially the adaptability to natural environment. Even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time or exposed to the wind and sunshine, it will not change its function.

(4) Long service life: Compared with other materials and products, its service life is very long and its impact resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass.

2. Disadvantages of Acrylic Plate

(1) The general acrylic plate is relatively low in heat resistance and extensibility due to its relatively low hardness, and is prone to cracking, fragility and deformation.

(2) Because acrylic plate is made of organic materials, it will contain some substances harmful to our human body. During application, do not directly contact with skin for a long time. We must pay close attention to this point.

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