What Are The Advantages and Characteristics of Mirror Acrylic That Are Popular?


Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology […]

Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd is a collection of large Acrylic sheet and custom acrylic aquarium into a professional company.

Now let's take a look at what features Mirror Acrylic has.

1. Colorless transparent plexiglass plate with light transmittance over 92%.

2. It has strong adaptability to natural environment. Even if it is exposed to sunlight and wind and rain for a long time, its performance will not change. It has good anti-aging performance and can be safely used outdoors.

3. Good processing performance, suitable for mechanical processing and easy thermoforming.

4. It is nontoxic and harmless even if it comes into contact with people for a long time. However, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide will be generated during combustion.

5. Strong impact resistance, 16 times that of glass with the same thickness. Suitable for installation in areas where safety is especially needed.

6. Excellent insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment.

7. Light weight, density is half lighter than ordinary glass, buildings and supports bear less load.

8. Strong plasticity, large modeling changes and easy processing and molding.

9. The recovery rate is high, which is recognized by the increasing awareness of environmental protection.

10. Maintenance is convenient and easy to clean. Rainwater can be cleaned naturally or washed with soap and soft cloth.

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