Two Tips for Cleaning Acrylic Swimming Pool


In today's children's swimming market, Acrylic swimming […]

In today's children's swimming market, Acrylic swimming pool is more and more dominant. Its beautiful appearance, rich functions, simple installation, convenient operation and other advantages make children's swimming pool made of acrylic regardless of size.

So what are some handy tips for using acrylic swimming pool, especially for cleaning?

Acrylic swimming pool decontamination-toothpaste

If we want to remove the stains on the acrylic children's swimming pool, we only need to wipe the stains on the children's swimming pool with a towel dipped in toothpaste, so that we can easily remove the stains.

Acrylic Swimming Pool Odor Removal-Orange Peel Removal

The specific method is to use detergent to clean the children's swimming pool first. This is the first step. Then put in clear water, sprinkle fresh orange peel on the clear water, soak for 4 hours, and then scrub acrylic children's swimming pool with a brush.

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