The Existence Of The Aquarium Tunnel Is Absolutely Amazing


As mentioned in the foreword, visiting the aquarium in […]

As mentioned in the foreword, visiting the aquarium in the urban jungle and even seeing dolphin or sea lion shows are a bit of a wonderful experience. However, such intimate and close contacts, such as three to five friends, or the combination of parents and children, are especially suitable for coming to the aquarium tunnel.

In the museum, you can know the ecology and region, as well as the wonderful animal performance show, which is a good experience.

The submarine tunnel built by accumulating 500 tons of water is 22 meters long, and more than 60 kinds of creatures appear in front of you at the same time. The glass tank that completely surrounds you really feels like walking in the ocean floor. Our common turtles, stingrays, and other large and small fishes will all appear here. If you want to clock in and take a beautiful photo, you must be right here.

In addition to the various sea creatures that surround you from all directions, there are also close contacts that are close at hand and almost within reach.

This seal museum runs through the whole building. You can look at the seals' swimming posture from the aquarium below. You can also stand near the pool to face the seals or watch their lovely performances.

It is mentioned in the preface that the Shinagawa Aquarium has an ecological exhibition area in Tokyo Bay, while the sea-side Shinagawa certainly has its own ecological environment. The exhibition area with the core axis of "rivers, estuaries and oceans" can also make parent-child journey more valuable than happiness while visiting and studying in the aquarium. As for the animal show, of course, it is for the whole family to watch. Don't miss these special features.

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