The Difference Between Acrylic Fish Tank And Ordinary Fish Tank


What is the difference between acrylic fish tank and or […]

What is the difference between acrylic fish tank and ordinary fish tank?

1. You should understand the material of the aquarium and the manufacturing process of the aquarium, the thickness of the aquarium, the smoothness and roughness of the inner wall, the color and beauty of the aquarium should also be considered. Conditions for heat dissipation, landing and evacuation, warmth and heat dissipation are also required. know.

2. The difference between acrylic fish tanks and ordinary fish tanks is that the material of acrylic fish tanks is different, which means that the corrosion resistance and strength of ordinary glass fish tanks are not as good as those of acrylic fish tanks, and there are defects. Under the weather conditions of the four seasons, ordinary glass is easier to break under cold conditions, and it will break if you hit it lightly. Acrylic fish tanks will show its advantages.

3. Acrylic fish tank is no different from ordinary glass. It is transparent and very good. It is unmatched by ordinary fish tanks. The surface is transparent and bright, easy to see, and has a variety of shapes. Therefore, acrylic fish tanks can be made into many styles, which are not easy to deform and fade. Acrylic fish tanks also have a long service life, generally up to more than 10 years.

4. At home, fish tanks are often moved. Most acrylic fish tanks are very light and more convenient to move, which can provide a comfortable growth environment for fish.

How to clean the acrylic fish tank, the general acrylic fish tank internal filtration system includes the following components: filter cotton, biochemical cotton, glass ring (mainly including ceramic ring and biological stone) and activated carbon (ammonia stone, medical stone, etc.).

It can be seen from these basic accessories that a complete filtration system is relatively complicated in terms of sealing and installation performance. The key is that multiple cleanings are not conducive to protecting the nitrifying bacteria inside the cleaning system. Because the main water cleaning work depends on their help, when we choose acrylic fish tank water cleaning filter materials, we should choose high-quality and relatively expensive products.

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