The Design of Subsistence System Varies from Fish to Fish


Generally, Acrylic fish tanks are larger than ordinary […]

Generally, Acrylic fish tanks are larger than ordinary household fish tanks, so they need to be equipped with corresponding maintenance systems.

The maintenance system consists of circulation system, sterilization system and biochemical system. Each system forms a whole with each other to jointly deal with the waste generated by the survival of fish. For different fish and aquatic organisms, the configuration of the living systems varies greatly. Appropriate living systems need to be designed according to the life characteristics and survival needs of different organisms. Some organisms may need to add a temperature control system, while others may need to add special mineral elements to survive.

Living facilities used in the home generally include ultraviolet sterilizers, protein removers, in-cylinder filtration systems, etc. Of course, large-scale fish and other highly specialized species still need to be cultivated by specialized units such as aquarium. The investment in the related subsistence system is not affordable for ordinary lovers, and at the same time, the requirements for professional knowledge are very high. Common living facilities in the aquarium include protein separator, ozone generator, biochemical filter, activated carbon filter, etc.

In short, the setting of life support system may "vary from fish to fish."

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