The Colorful Underwater World is Dazzling


Located on Coney Island in Brooklyn, new york, the new […]

Located on Coney Island in Brooklyn, new york, the new york Aquarium opened in 1896. It is the longest-running aquarium in the United States. It covers 14 acres and has a variety of marine life. It aims to arouse public awareness of marine life protection through special exhibitions and research.

At the beginning, the aquarium was located in Bartley Park in Manhattan. It moved here in 1957. At the beginning of the opening of the aquarium, there were only 150 species in the aquarium. After years of development, the species in the aquarium could reach more than 8,000 species, just like a biological Little Paradise.

The new york Aquarium is much smaller than the Baltimore Aquarium. Not to mention the Bronx Zoo. However, it is small and exquisite, and many underwater animals can be seen. The large aquarium entering the door is a bright spot, with colorful exotic fish swimming in it. The best ones are long electric eels and flat flatfish.

The exhibition hall of new york Aquarium is divided into two parts: the ground and the underground. The wavy main stadium simulates marine life and is suitable for living environment design, and is integrated with Coney Island. There are plenty of marine life here, and the colorful underwater world is dazzling. Especially watching the fascinating and flawless sea lion performance often wins the cheers of children.

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