The Advantages of Acrylic Fish Tank Over Ordinary Fish Tank


Now many families have pets, and fish farming is a conv […]

Now many families have pets, and fish farming is a convenient and fast way. In the process of fish farming, the choice of fish tank is undoubtedly a very important link. Glass fish tanks are fragile and bulky. Acrylic fish tanks are gradually favored by consumers.

Acrylic fish tank is transparent and light, which can be regarded as a high-grade aquarium product. The whole cylinder body is transparent, beautiful and seamless, which is more ornamental and safer than ordinary glass fish tanks.

Acrylic products have high transparency and light transmittance of nearly 92%. It has the reputation of "plastic crystal". And has excellent weather resistance. Especially applied outdoors, this is incomparable to other rubber products.

Acrylic products also have good hardness and gloss, and have great plasticity, and can be processed into various styles. Acrylic can be made into various shapes for consumers to choose from after processing.

After 20 years research and practice , Mirror Acrylic has become an enterprise which is not only producing acrylic , but also engaged in consulating , designing , installing and maintaining large acrylic aquarium projects.

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