Reason Analysis of Choosing Acrylic as Fish Tank


At present, many people use acrylic plexiglass to make […]

At present, many people use acrylic plexiglass to make fish tanks. Why do so many people trust him? Today we Mirror Acrylic here to analyze the advantages of Acrylic fish tank:

1. The cylinder made of acrylic has very good weather resistance and will not generate atomized water vapor due to temperature changes.

2. Acrylic has high plasticity and can be made into various strange and beautiful shapes according to customer's requirements, but ordinary glass cannot be processed and produced in this way.

3. Acrylic is extremely strong in earthquake resistance. Fish tanks are often transported to the customer's location by long-distance transportation after they are manufactured. The probability of damage during transportation and moving is small.

4. Acrylic has high transparency and clarity, and has UV (ultraviolet) protection function. It can be reflected by sunlight for a long time without affecting transparency.

5. Acrylic has strong impact resistance. It will not burst and hurt people under pressure and impact. It is absolutely safe and reliable.

Therefore, acrylic fish tanks have absolute advantages over ordinary glass fish tanks, which is the general trend in the future.

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