Precautions for Installation of Acrylic Aquarium


During the construction of the public aquarium marine e […]

During the construction of the public aquarium marine engineering, in order to achieve good lighting effects, the lighting should be directly irradiated to the aquarium as much as possible. The aquarium tank cover not only prevents dust from falling into the aquarium, it is also an ideal location for installing aquarium lights. Install the aquarium lighting lamp in the enclosure, and at the same time paint the inner wall of the enclosure white, so that the light source illuminates from top to bottom, and the lighting effect will be more ideal. But you must not use tin foil as a lining, tin foil will block the special vent holes on the box, which is not conducive to the emission of carbon dioxide and the heat of the lamp.

Aquarium lamps are used in harsh humid environments, so special attention should be paid to safety issues such as waterproofing. The aquarium lamp is installed close to the water surface. Splashes from fish, air bubbles or filters often fall on the hot lamp tube, which may cause an explosion. Waterproof lamps should be selected to prevent the erosion of the feed water, and a glass cover should be added to the aquarium to separate the feed water from the reflector. In addition, the glass plate should be cut off-a corner to serve as a passage for the air pipe and the filter water pipe.

Installation Precautions

1. Do not use glass covers with contaminants

2. Don't switch the lights suddenly, otherwise it will scare the fish. Turn off the lighting of the aquarium first, and then turn off the indoor lighting. When turning on the lights, turn on the indoor lights first, and then turn on the lights of the aquarium.

3. Use waterproof lamps and wiring ports.

4. Do not install the light in the water.

5. The lampshade should have ventilation holes.

The architectural lighting design of modern marine aquariums should make full use of modern architectural electrical technology, equipment and methods, in order to not only make the lighting functions of the aquarium more perfect and applicable, use more reasonable and safer, but also make it more artistic and attractive. force.

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