• Acrylic Is A Polymer Material With Super Stability

    The appearance of plexiglass is easily mistaken for thickened plastic. However, in fact acrylic is a kind of polymer material with super stability and contains a certain amount of technology. Although it is also plastic, it is still far from plastic in nature. Large acrylic sheet has been widely use... read more

    Jul 12,2019 Industry News
  • What Should be Considered in the Development of Aquarium?

    Among the public aquarium currently available in China, it is clear from statistics that there are also quite a number of museums older than 10 years old. They are all facing the fact that facilities from inside to outside and displays need to be rectified due to obsolescence. Such problems have bee... read more

    Jul 16,2019 Industry News
  • It is Very Necessary to Choose a Reliable Public Aquarium Manufacturer

    What do novice drivers need to prepare for public aquarium? 1. Reserve of Knowledge If you already have abundant aquarium knowledge, skip it. If you are a novice, you need to learn some relevant knowledge yourself. There is also a lot of information about this on the Internet. At least you have more... read more

    Jul 18,2019 Industry News
  • Acrylic Aquarium is the Magical World in Children's Hearts

    The acrylic glass underwater tunnel in the aquarium is the "magic world" in the hearts of children. However, the homogenization phenomenon including the repeated construction of the aquarium tunnel has become a proposition that the industry is rethinking. If you compare the aquariums in different ci... read more

    Jul 23,2019 Industry News
  • Advantages of Transparent Acrylic Aquarium Tunnel

    Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd is a collection of large acrylic (PMMA) panels and custom acrylic aquarium into a professional company. By using 100% virgin acrylic monomer from Lucite International , our acrylics are widely used in hotel , swimming pool , aquarium pa... read more

    Jul 25,2019 Industry News