Method for Prolon Service Life of Acrylic Fish Tank


When the surface of Acrylic for swimming pool is eroded […]

When the surface of Acrylic for swimming pool is eroded by solvent, cracks will sometimes occur. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid direct contact with Acrylic for swimming pool. In addition, if contact with volatile gases of these solvents for a long time, cracks will sometimes also occur.

The Acrylic for swimming pool has the property of deformation when heated above 100℃, so please do not place it in an environment above 80℃. Please pay full attention to avoid contact with welding sparks and cigarette butts in construction projects, or exposure to illumination lamps, especially spotlights when taking photos or videos.

When dust, garbage and oil layer are attached to the surface of Acrylic for swimming pool, the cleaning method is to dip a soft cloth, flannel and sponge in clean water and gently wipe it off. Some neutral detergents contain solvents, please make sure there is no solvent before use.

For the dirt that is hard to be removed such as adhesive tape fixing adhesive, if solvent such as toluene is used, cracking may occur, so please do not use it. In addition, scraping with a scraper or the like will cause scratches, which should also be avoided.

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