Let's Learn About Cylindrical Acrylic Aquarium


Cylindrical public aquarium is a special-shaped aquariu […]

Cylindrical public aquarium is a special-shaped aquarium, it has a good appreciation function and a small area. Therefore, as decorative objects, it is quite common in home decoration and office settings. Different types of fish tanks have different fish species suitable for breeding. Next, the editor will tell you which fish species are suitable for cylindrical aquariums.

Different types of fish tanks have different requirements for fish tanks. As a kind of admirable fish tank, cylindrical fish tanks can be appreciated from all around. Under normal circumstances, the height of this type of fish tank is greater than the diameter. There are certain requirements for the species of fish, which are specifically reflected in the species of fish, the scenery of the aquatic plants, and the difficulty of water replacement and cleaning.

1. Cylindrical aquariums are particularly suitable for polyculture of fish. For us, monoculture of a kind of fish is a bit monotonous and cannot reflect the three-dimensional feeling of the aquarium. Therefore, the cylindrical aquarium is suitable for polyculture, which can not only let the fish. They are more cheerful, accompanied, and can well show the three-dimensional and layered sense of the fish tank to achieve a better appreciation. Because different fish species have different suitable water depths, they have different habits. Will stay at different water levels.

2. Aquatic plants, aquatic plants are indispensable in the aquarium. As a common aquatic creature in the aquarium, it can enhance the appreciation function of the aquarium. So we should choose suitable aquatic plants for our aquarium, the common ones are mainly crown, pepper grass, bitter grass and some duckweed plants.

3. The different depths of cylindrical fish tanks also affect the difficulty of changing the water and cleaning. Generally speaking, for the convenience of feeding, it is necessary to choose a fish tank with a suitable height so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and difficulty in cleaning. If the algae or dirt attached to the inner wall of the fish tank is not cleaned for a long time, it will be more difficult to clean, and it will also affect the beauty of the cylindrical fish tank.

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