Large Acrylic Panel is Superior to Other Materials


Advantage Analysis of Acrylic Material: 1. The appearan […]

Advantage Analysis of Acrylic Material:

1. The appearance gloss is high. Bright color, lasting more than ten years. This is incomparable to metal or inkjet. Special color saturation and durability as well as excellent external luster are clear and transparent in sunlight. The sparkling feeling is the customer's perception. One of the important reasons for choosing acrylic acid.

2. The material itself has strong light: the acrylic plate used in outdoor advertising industry has excellent light transmittance, built-in light source, and even and soft brightness at night. Compared with neon lights, acrylic is the whole lamp, unlike neon lights, the lines are shiny. Softer than neon lights.

3. The physical property is stable, and the high and low temperature deformation resistance is strong. This is one of the important characteristics of acrylic acid used in outdoor advertising. First of all, it has strong anti-ultraviolet ability, which is also one of the reasons why it does not fade. In addition, it can withstand high temperatures of 70 c. Low temperature-50 c. There will be no change during this interval. There is no such temperature difference in most parts of China. Therefore, enterprises can use it safely outdoors.

4. Machining is very powerful

(1) thermoforming performance: it is just described between 70°C and 50°C, the temperature can reach a certain height, and acrylic plates soften rapidly. After softening, the mold can be molded into various shapes according to the shape of the mold, and after cooling to normal temperature, the physical properties are stable.

(2) strong machinability: acrylic plate can be formed by cutting, sawing, drilling and other tools. Flexibility is relatively good. In general, acrylic sheets do not crack (compared to plexiglass).

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