Key Points And Crafts of Marine Aquarium Design


The design of the public aquarium is very different fro […]

The design of the public aquarium is very different from the general building. This difference is mainly because of the equipment and technical support it requires. A large part of the marine aquarium building is replaced by equipment designed by the aquarium. In addition to the lighting, ventilation, power transformation, and cooling systems required by general buildings, the most important equipment system is the water treatment system.

Most of the ground floor of the Ocean Aquarium is occupied by water bodies, such as performance pools, shark pools, whale pools, conservation tanks, storage tanks, fire fighting pools, etc., and the cleanliness, temperature, depth, composition, etc. required by various water bodies The factors differ. The huge mechanical and electrical systems used for water treatment constitute the main body of aquarium equipment and technology.

The design of the marine aquarium must also consider the degree of adaptation of different animals to the facility. For different animals and different diseases, the maintenance ponds must be separated, and even separate isolation ponds are set up. In addition, the aquarium should be more moderately away from the hospital and respond to unexpected situations at any time. To this end, an underground passage must be set up between the three areas of animal display and performance, maintenance, and medical treatment, and the circulation, elevation, and water quality of the water body in the passage must be reasonably designed and configured.

The display of animals requires a large amount of transparent body materials, which must have good light transmission, clarity, small deformation, and can withstand huge water pressure. Wall-type and barrel-type marine animal displays generally have two or three floors in height, and huge water pressure requires the display body to be more than 0.5m thick. Ordinary glass is both heavy and unsafe, so inside the aquarium Acrylic glue is commonly used.

Ocean aquarium is a special entertainment building. Although it is rare in China, due to the huge investment, high operating cost and high natural risk, all regions should be careful when designing aquariums. Big.

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