Jiaxing Mirror Specializes in Producing Large Acrylic Fish Tanks


Jiaxing mirror acrylic technology co., ltd is a large a […]

Jiaxing mirror acrylic technology co., ltd is a large acrylic product manufacturer, specializing in the production of large acrylic fish tank.

The best acrylic sheet made of imported materials, we can provide you with almost any shape you can imagine, including cylindrical, pyramid, oval, L-shaped, rectangular and combinations of these shapes.

The key to creating a great fish tank is to be able to mold and design the tank according to your specifications. Our acrylic fish tank is unique in this way.

We have a history of more than 31 years, ensuring that we are the most professional and advanced. We guarantee the quality and our quotation is reasonable and competitive.

Over the years, the company has always adhered to the principle of honesty first and keeping improving. Make every effort to provide excellent solutions for every customer.

If you need anything, please click here to contact us: https://www.jmacrylic.com/