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The production of high-quality acrylic has high require […]

The production of high-quality acrylic has high requirements for raw material technology and machines, and the production difficulty and cost are not affordable for ordinary small workshops, especially for casting acrylic plates.

Therefore, the price of acrylic is generally higher, and a better large acrylic sheet costs thousands of yuan each. In order to cater to the pursuit of low prices by some customers, many shoddy low-cost plates have appeared in the market. The same name is acrylic, but it is just some common organic board or composite board (sandwich board). Most of them are made from recycled materials, with low prices.

So in the face of such a market, we should learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of large acrylic sheet. The following Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic teaches you several key points:

1. Observation This is the most common and the most intuitive and labor-saving method. A person who has been engaged in this industry for a long time can see at a glance whether the quality of the board is good or bad, whether it is mixed with recycled materials, and whether it is an ordinary organic board. Whether the color is pure, whether the transparent casting plate is bluish in light, whether there are pits inside the plate, and whether the smell is pungent. These are all very practical methods.

2. Combustion method Burning method: This method is the most effective. Whether the quality of the board passes the standard or not and whether the distributor uses other sub-boards as good boards can be known by burning a corner of the board. High-quality acrylic plates do not ignite immediately when burned, especially cast plates cannot pull out filaments after burning.

3. Light transmission method This method is derived from the light transmittance characteristics of acrylic, which can emit positive white light through the acrylic plate. If yellow or blue color is found, the quality of acrylic is not correct, because the light transmittance of acrylic plate is very high and the transmitted light is white light, which will not absorb light color.

4. Paste method Also known as hot melt method, it is to use good acrylic material and bad acrylic material adhesion degree is not the same and distinguish. For example, acrylic materials with poor quality will stick together after hot melting and are difficult to separate, while acrylic materials with good quality will be easily separated.

5. Solvent method It is suggested to put the fish tanks made of two materials into two cups filled with acetone, which will take 24 hours to take out. Unsaturated resin surface materials will swell, while acrylic panels will swell and loose soaking parts will be observed at the same time.

Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It is a professional company integrating large acrylic panels and custom acrylic aquarium. After 20 years of research and practice, mirror acrylic has become an enterprise that not only produces acrylic, but also consults, designs, installs and maintains large-scale acrylic aquarium projects.

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