It is Very Convenient to Buy Aquarium, With Guaranteed Size


The Acrylic sheet produced by Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Co […]

The Acrylic sheet produced by Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Company are all cast at one time, and the maximum casting thickness can reach 600 mm. Compared with the composite thick plates on the market, they show the advantages of compression resistance and fracture resistance.

Besides, it is also equipped with a professional high-temperature drying room for acrylic plates, which can be made into various acrylic plate shapes, arcs, S-shapes and cylinders. The seamless splicing, installation and other technologies of acrylic plates are at the advanced level in domestic and foreign professional fields. Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic's maximum seamlesssize: 12000 x 3000mm, maximum thickness: 600mm.

Apart from being very convenient, the advantage of choosing this aquarium is that the manufacturer has already completed the combination of the aquarium and the equipment with proper size and specifications, which can avoid mistakes in your purchase, and the price of the matching aquarium is also lower than the price of all the parts you buy separately combined.

After 20 years of research and practice, mirror acrylic has become an enterprise that not only produces acrylic, but also consults, designs, installs and maintains large-scale acrylic aquarium projects.

If you want an aquarium of international quality but reasonable price, you need Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Team: Acrylic Aquarium Manufacturer.