Introduction to Guam's Underwater World Aquarium


Guam's undersea world aquarium has a 122-meter long tun […]

Guam's undersea world aquarium has a 122-meter long tunnel aquarium, which is the world's longest aquarium.

The aquarium tries its best to simulate the real underwater world. Apart from colorful fish, fake planes and wrecks are also placed in the aquarium, which is very lifelike.

Aquarium tunnel is designed to let fish swim above and left and right through high-pressure glass. The sea floor is rich in beautiful fish and coral reefs. When people cross the corridor, they seem to walk on the sea floor. The underwater scenery simulated by the aquarium is quite realistic, especially the wreckage of planes and sunken ships, which makes people feel like they are actually walking in the water to visit them, but they do not feel the pressure brought by the water at all. People touch glass like they can touch fish.

The aquarium came to the end of the tunnel. There was an escalator that people could take up. The walls on both sides of the escalator were divided into several large aquariums. The aquariums showed rare marine creatures from various countries. Starfish and some unknown sea creatures are kept in the central pool. Children can touch the starfish under the guidance and help of adults. The stars glistened on the water surface, and the fish's body in the aquarium changed with the current. The colors have also changed to be colorful and very beautiful.

Submarine interaction If the economy allows, or if you want to have a close contact with these benthic creatures, you may as well dive in the aquarium under the guidance of divers, swim with sharks and feed sharks. This is also a unique submarine enjoyment. The whole process took 90 minutes.

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