How To Take Care of The Cylindrical Acrylic Fish Tank?


What kind of fish is suitable for the cylindrical Acryl […]

What kind of fish is suitable for the cylindrical Acrylic fish tank?

1. More suitable for polyculture fish.

Many people are asking what kind of fish should be raised in such a fish tank. Personally, they think that single-cultured fish is not beautiful and cannot express the three-dimensional effect of a cylindrical fish tank. For example, single-cultured guppy will probably gather in the upper layer of the water. , Monocultured colorful gods will be scattered at the base of the fish tank, the distribution is uneven and there is no strong three-dimensional effect.

If you raise some blood parrots and maps, this kind of fish tank will be very congested, and it will feel like you can’t swim.

So I feel that different fishes are still polycultured, so that the whole aquarium has tropical fishes scattered from top to bottom, so as to achieve better viewing.

If you don’t like these fish, it’s still goldfish farming. Although goldfish are theoretically classified as bottom fish, they can be evenly distributed in the water body in family farming. The characteristics of the water level are not as remarkable as tropical fish. .

2. There is a certain height of aquatic scenery.

Aquatic plants must be indispensable in the aquarium, and aquatic plants are also an important aquatic life in the aquarium. Therefore, we should cultivate some crowns, American bitter grass, ficus microphylla, and peppergrass. Small tropical fish can be equipped with duckweed plants on the water surface.

3. It is difficult to change the water.

Due to the large height of the cylindrical fish tank, it is recommended to extend the suction pipe of the circulating pump to the bottom of the water, so that the residual bait and feces at the bottom can be extracted to a greater limit. Algae attached to the inner wall of the fish tank should also be cleaned frequently with special wipes, otherwise it will become more and more difficult to clean once the dirt is corroded for a long time.

Pay attention to the above three points first, then the cylindrical fish tank can be taken care of very well. If you also want to own a unique acrylic fish tank, please contact us: Aquarium project.