How to Prevent Scratch of Acrylic Sheet?


With the wide application of acrylic sheets in daily li […]

With the wide application of acrylic sheets in daily life, many manufacturing industries need to use acrylic sheets. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic panel, one of its disadvantages is that it is easy to cause large-area scratches when stored and moved. When the panel is used again, it needs to be polished or processed again, which is a waste of manpower. How to avoid scratches on acrylic sheets during storage or movement?

1. Do not tear off the protective film and outer packaging film before use. Static electricity will cause dust and dirt to adhere to the surface of the panel. The protective film can prevent the panel from being worn and scratched. In the process of loading and unloading, please use forklift to avoid the second scratch caused by the dragging of panels and panels. If you need to drag and use splice protection paper, you must drag along the splicing direction to prevent the edge of the protection paper from falling off.

2. The panel shall be cleaned during storage without any small hard objects, otherwise the surface of the panel will be scratched.

3. Be careful when making and moving to avoid sharp objects or hard objects scratching and sliding on the surface of acrylic panel.

Since the surface hardness of acrylic panel is equivalent to that of aluminum, care should be taken to prevent surface scratches when using it without adding special treatment or hardening agent. If scratch occurs, it can be recovered by polishing.

There is also a small method to remove the packaging of acrylic board: kraft paper packaging board, when uncovering, the paper is close to 180 degrees in the opposite direction, slowly uncovering. Because of the cold weather in winter, it is difficult to lift the veil. When uncovering the cover, it can be heated by a blower and slowly uncovered. At the same time, kraft paper packaging cardboard is not easy to place for more than 6 months, otherwise it will cause kraft paper uncovering difficulties.

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