How To Make A Large Acrylic Fish Tank?


With the improvement of the quality of life of modern p […]

With the improvement of the quality of life of modern people, people's requirements for their own quality of life are also greatly improved, whether it is living, eating, and travel requirements are greatly improved, even the living environment is also greatly improved.

Take the fish tanks produced by our company. In the past, I made small fish tanks myself. Because small fish tanks are not risky, the factors considered are also smaller than large fish tanks.

In the process of making large Acrylic fish tanks, not only the material issues should be considered, but also the transparency, hardness, tensile strength, bending strength, surface flatness, smoothness, wear resistance, tolerance of impurities, etc. The appearance and physical and chemical parameters should meet the requirements.

(1) The choice of acrylic thickness

Under normal circumstances, we often choose to use some acrylic glass with a thickness of 6MM in fish tanks within one meter. When choosing a large fish tank material, we should choose acrylic materials. Try not to use ordinary flat glass. Compared with other glass, the surface of the fish tank made of acrylic material will be more flat and parallel to each other. The thickness of this material will be more uniform, which is crucial for the production and use of our fish tank. important.

(2) Make and install according to the size requirements of the design drawings. Any changes that are inconsistent with the design drawings will obtain the written approval of the owner in advance. The waterproof material used in acrylic installation and the seam splicing itself and the long-term immersion liquid shall not be harmful to the fish, that is, it meets the breeding water quality requirements of the "National Fisheries Water Quality Standard".

(3) Regarding the auxiliary materials for acrylic installation:

The structural adhesive is made of Dow Corning, Lexus, waterproof, support, rubber pad, etc. of the United States before our company provides the corresponding quality certificate before use. The fixing clips are made of stainless steel.

(4) Before pouring, the owner must notify our company to send special personnel to the site to supervise, and make on-site sample production. The sample is kept by the owner and sent to the inspection station for inspection. After the acrylic installation is completed and the water injection is completed, there must be no leakage.

(5) The acrylic shelf life of our company is 10 years.

(6) Acrylic installation time shall be arranged by the owner according to the site construction situation.

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