How to Determine The Quality of The Fish Tank?


In fact, choosing a fish tank is a very critical step i […]

In fact, choosing a fish tank is a very critical step in fish farming, but in the actual process, we will encounter quality problems of the fish tank to a large extent when purchasing. How should we judge the quality of the fish tank, and how should we determine its quality. Next, let’s take a look at the question of how to buy a fish tank, mainly for acrylic fish tanks, and hope it will be helpful to you.

The materials used in ordinary fish tanks are generally 5MM glass, and float glass is generally above 5MM, and its transparency is very advantageous. We have to be careful when purchasing, to see if its surface is scratched, if there are bubbles and broken corners. If it is a custom fish tank, you need to negotiate with the merchant about the type of glue used, which can avoid some troubles to some extent.

The quality of glass can be distinguished by its thickness. The thickness of inferior glass is generally very low, and attention should be paid when choosing it. When buying a fish tank, you should determine it according to the size of the fish you are raising. If the size of the fish is large, it is best to choose a large fish tank, so as to ensure free movement of the fish. If the size of the fish is small, it is best to use a small fish tank, which will be more economical.

The fish tank can also be customized, but its quality must be guaranteed. If the tank is exposed, it will be very troublesome. It is best to customize the fish tank in a regular aquarium store, so that its safety can be guaranteed. It is best to sign a contract when buying, and its safety must be guaranteed.

You can choose a right-angle fish tank, its effect is very beautiful, the height should be controlled at about 60 cm? You can put some water plants on the bottom for making. view. When its height has a certain guarantee, it can play a very good photosynthesis, so that its ecological effect can be well reflected. The depth of it cannot be too deep, otherwise it cannot be planted. Even if it is planted, it will be difficult to survive and it will be easy to rot.

How to choose a fish tank? This is a problem that many fish enthusiasts are concerned about. I hope the above methods will help you. Acrylic fish tanks have received extensive attention in the market, and you should start from the actual situation when you choose it.

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