How much do you know about Acrylic sheet?


Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, can replace plexigla […]

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, can replace plexiglass and can be combined with aluminum-plastic sheet profiles to meet the needs of enterprises.

Acrylic Aquarium is characterized by good light transmission, rich color and long service life. Acrylic resins include sheets, pellets, resins and composites. Large Acrylic sheets are divided into acrylic cast sheets and acrylic extruded sheets.

Acrylic cast sheets are chemically resistant. They have a very small amount of raw material, good flexibility in color and surface texture, and are available in a wide range of special applications.

The acrylic extrusion plate has a high molecular weight and a slightly weak mechanical property. It is a mass-produced automated product, and the color and specifications are inconvenient to change, so the product specifications are subject to certain tolerance.

Acrylic sheet features:

1. Acrylic sheet has good weather resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, and does not cause yellowing and hydrolysis under sunlight and rainfall conditions. It can also be used outdoors.

2. The service life can be extended by at least 3 years compared with other materials.

3, the light transmission can reach more than 92%, the impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, it is suitable for installation in unsafe areas.

4. It has the advantages of bright color, strong plasticity, high recoverability and convenient maintenance.

5, contact with people for years will not cause damage to the human body, but spontaneous combustion will not produce formaldehyde, carbon monoxide.

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