How Long is The Service Life of Acrylic Fish Tank?


How long is the service life of acrylic fish tank? What […]

How long is the service life of acrylic fish tank? What are the factors that affect the life of acrylic?

When you buy Acrylic fish tank, besides the price and quality, the service life of acrylic fish tank is also a concern. when it comes to the service life of acrylic fish tank, you need to pay attention to acrylic materials, environment and usage.

1. Making materials: The quality of materials will also affect the service life of acrylic fish tanks. Acrylic is divided into domestic and imported ones. Domestic acrylic fish tanks will turn yellow and will not deform after 3 or 5 years of use. And imported acrylic can be used for as long as it is properly maintained for 20 years.

2. Environmental factors: Acrylic fish tanks also have certain requirements for the use environment. When the temperature reaches 96℃, the acrylic material will generate thermal deformation. When the temperature is lower than 9.2℃, it is easy to embrittle. Sun and rain will also aggravate the reduction of its service life. Therefore, acrylic fish tanks are not placed in harsh environment.

3. Usage: Improper usage will seriously shorten the service life. If you want to prolong the service life of acrylic, you need regular maintenance and cleaning, so as to maintain the quality and service life of the products, otherwise even the best products will not last for a long time.

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