Good Acrylic Products Have Good Stability And Bearing Capacity


With the increasing popularity of acrylic products amon […]

With the increasing popularity of acrylic products among businesses and consumers, the market is full of acrylic products with uneven prices and quality. However, many people do not know how to choose a high-quality acrylic product, in order to avoid everyone spending

In order to buy bad products with money, the following Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic will introduce you to some simple selection methods:

1. Look at the translucency of the panel: A good acrylic product should have better translucency, with the transmittance reaching 92%. A good acrylic product should have good translucency and transparency. If the panel is cloudy and hazy, it is definitely not a good product.

2. Color of billboard opening: The panel opening (panel edge) of acrylic products made of imported raw materials should be transparent. If yellow, discolored and swollen, it is definitely defective. If the panel opening is too yellow, it should be made of recycled materials.

3. Hand feeling of board surface: By touching acrylic products, if the acrylic products are smooth, round, delicate, and have good hand feeling, and are not easy to leave finger marks, they are excellent products.

4. Listen to the sound: if the sound is not crisp and dull when knocking on the surface or corners of acrylic products, it is a straight product; otherwise, if the knocking sound is crisp, it may be PS material posing as acrylic products.

5. Test load: Good acrylic products must have better stability and bearing capacity. Within the standard weight range, no distortion or distortion should occur when placing articles at will.

According to the above-mentioned inspection methods, you can buy high-quality acrylic products without reading them. Finally, you should remember that "every penny counts". Don't buy a pile of inferior garbage because it is cheap. No business will make a loss.

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