Four Characteristics of Large Acrylic Sheet


Today Mirror Acrylic will introduce the four major feat […]

Today Mirror Acrylic will introduce the four major features of large acrylic sheet.

1. Large acrylic sheet—process performance

Acrylic sheet has crystal transparency, and the light transmittance exceeds 92%. Acrylic panels colored with dyes have outstanding color development. In addition, acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and appearance. Luster and outstanding high temperature resistance. Acrylic sheet has outstanding processing properties, and can be divided into casting type and extrusion type according to the production process. Can use thermoforming (including molding, blow molding and vacuum foaming), as well as mechanical processing, such as drilling, turning, cleaning, cutting, etc. The microcomputer-controlled mechanical cutting and carving not only greatly improves the processing accuracy, but also creates more beautiful patterns and shapes than traditional methods. In addition, acrylic sheets can be laser cut and laser carved to produce weird products.

2. Acrylic sheet—technical index

Density 19 kg/dm3; light transmittance 92%; impact strength (> 16 kg/c m3); tensile strength (> 61 kg/m3); thermal modification temperature (> 78 C); thermal softening temperature (≫ 105 C); Specifications: 1.22 x 2.44, 1.22 x 1.83 m, 1.25 x 2.5 m, 2.05 x 3.05 m...; Thickness: 2 m m-50 mm. Unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, the panel is coated with a high concentration of ultraviolet absorber, and the metal base is sprayed with imported car paint, which can maintain weather resistance for a long time without fading, and the service life can reach 5-8 years. The transparent panel is as transparent as the crystal, which is 200 times more transparent than glass, and there is almost no risk of breaking. The exterior is lubricated and lubricated. The transmittance is as high as 93%. Good light transmittance, soft light and dazzling. It adopts new-style polyester material, which has various colors such as transparent, semi-transparent, milky white and various appearance effects. It is formed by thermal curvature or flat edges. The metal bracket has a built-in light source, which has great visual impact.

3. Acrylic sheet-profile characteristics

Weather resistance: Acrylic board has excellent outdoor weather resistance and can be regarded as the best among all plastic materials. Under normal outdoor use conditions, a properly planned and processed acrylic signboard will not decrease its mechanical strength and its appearance will not change significantly after 10 years of use. Light transmittance of colorful plates: High-quality acrylic plates will follow strict quality standards to ensure that different batches and different plates have the same color. Since the color of the colorful board is evenly distributed along the thickness of the entire board, the abrasion marks on the surface of the reverse board will have a certain effect on the appearance color during lighting. Acrylic boards and profiles: pipes, general boards, transparent boards, colorful boards, corrugated boards, solid boards, multilayer boards, abrasive boards, wave boards, impact boards, special boards, GB boards, ultra-thick boards, and color changing boards.

4. Acrylic sheet—application range

Acrylic board is mainly used for carving, decoration, handicraft production, extrusion, etc., generally used for billboards, light boxes, etc. PMMA has the advantages of being light, cheap, and easy to form. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming and so on. Especially for injection molding, it can be produced in batches, the process is simple, and the cost is low. Therefore, it is widely used in exterior parts, car lamps, optical lenses, transparent tubes, etc. In construction, plexiglass is mainly used for lighting bodies, roofs, stairs and interior wall panels. In recent years, the use of plexiglass in highway, high-end road lighting, lampshades and car lamps is also very agile. With the construction of hotels, guesthouses and high-end residences in big cities, lighting construction has been rapidly developed. The plexiglass extruded panel lighting body has the characteristics of high overall structural strength, light weight, high light transmittance, and good safety performance. Compared with inorganic glass lighting device, it has great advantages.

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