Development Opportunities and Realistic Problems Faced by Aquarium Projects


With the continuous increase of aquarium project in Chi […]

With the continuous increase of aquarium project in China, the development opportunities and practical problems it faces have attracted public attention at the same time.

Recently, at the China Aquarium Development Forum, more than 300 representatives from national fishery administrative departments, scientific research institutes, aquarium enterprises and other experts from the United States and Japan made speeches and discussions on aquarium industry development, rescue of aquatic wildlife and medical treatment.

Data show that there are nearly 200 aquariums in China, and their scale, breed and number of aquatic protected animals are among the top in the world.

However, with the rapid development of the industry, the homogenization of aquarium display, generally insufficient animal welfare, doubts about the legalization of animal sources and management and reproduction procedures have also become the focus of attention of all parties in the industry, and the current situation of generally emphasizing management, neglecting education and protection needs to be improved.

Due to the rapid expansion of China's aquarium industry in recent years, especially the entry of some enterprises that have never set foot in aquariums in the past, it is difficult to keep up with technology and management, thus causing a series of problems. Although the aquarium industry is developing rapidly, there is still a big gap with foreign advanced management concepts, protection concepts and scientific research technologies.

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