Common Forms of Acrylic Fish Tank Landscaping


Dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs is a com […]

Dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs is a common form of acrylic fish tank landscaping. As a form of garden landscaping, the application of dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs in acrylic fish tank landscaping has different characteristics.

As the small shrubs are woody plants, dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs has incomparable management advantages over herbaceous plants such as lawn grass and grass flowers.

(1) Resistance to plant diseases and insect pests, drought resistance and small management tasks. Because it is a woody plant with deeper roots, it is drought-resistant compared with herbaceous plants. After planting, watering at the early stage and spraying water from acrylic fish tank ensure survival, extensive management can be basically carried out at the later stage, and weeds are difficult to grow after the seedlings are shaded. After entering the normal management, even if the pruning times are only 1 to 2 times per month in the vigorous growth season, the pruning times are relatively less than those of the mixed sowing of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass.

Dense Planting and Landscaping of Shrubs

(2) The dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs has the effect of once and for all as compared with the annual or biennial herbaceous flowers or perennial herbaceous ground cover plants. In order to ensure the effect, some annual or biennial flowers need to be replaced 2 to 3 times a year. However, in addition to management fees, labor, time and water, some turfgrasses generally have the best viewing period of only 2 to 3 years. If the lawn is not replaced, problems such as root knot and lawn aging will occur, which will affect the viewing effect. For small shrubs planted by intensive planting method, the acrylic fish tank has limited amount of branches and leaves exposed on the outer surface, sufficient nutrients and far-reaching root system, so the best effect is obvious and lasting.

(3) When small shrubs are densely planted and landscaping is applied in gardens, the strength of seedlings caused by uneven water and fertilizer in soil has little influence on the overall effect because pruning is mainly used.

Although the dense planting and landscaping of small shrubs cannot completely replace the functions and effects produced by lawns and herbaceous ground cover plants, it is also widely used in important parts of landscaping for its advantages of easy management and excellent effects. Replacing lawns and herbaceous flowers produces a higher level of landscaping artistic effects and meets the needs of modern urban landscaping construction.

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