Choose The Right Aquarium According to Your Needs


For aquarium-loving players, the choice of Acrylic Aqua […]

For aquarium-loving players, the choice of Acrylic Aquarium is the first step in all work. Aquariums generally choose rectangular prisms, of course, there are alternatives to other shapes. If you consider them comprehensively, the rectangular layout is generally more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing. The following explains the knowledge of the aquarium.

1. Shape

The surface area where gas exchange (oxygen, carbon dioxide) occurs, and at the bottom is the lawn of many territories where fish build their own homes. Often the more decorative aquarium shapes have a relatively lower surface area. Good water movement and filtration can make up for the area difference, restricting non-territorial species of livestock to make the bottom area insignificant, but in general, longer and lower aquariums can withstand more lives than narrow and deep troughs. A

Very deep tanks are more difficult to serve. Just scraping algae in a 6-foot glass aquarium requires considerable wisdom. Siphoning the gravel with a vacuum cleaner is a considerable challenge.

2. Size

Standard sizes range from 20 to 240 liters of water. It is easier to take care of a large aquarium than a small one, and it is easier to take care of a large aquarium than a small one. The reason is simple: maintaining a large part of the fish tank is maintaining a complex system balance; the more water there is, the more an imbalance is required.

3. Desktop aquarium

The desktop aquarium includes popular nano-systems, as well as a large-scale aquarium, miniature lighting and filtering options carved from the art deco of the gorgeous betta bowl. But they must be used correctly; you cannot simply reduce the conventional aquarium settings to fit small desktop units. A

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