Aquarium Design Should Really Pay Attention To These Details


In the design of public aquarium, besides the lighting, […]

In the design of public aquarium, besides the lighting, ventilation, substation and cooling systems of general buildings, the most important equipment system is the water treatment system. Let's take a look at the aquarium design considerations.

1. The first design and construction of the aquarium is based on the overall layout of foreign or domestic aquariums; Even designers and aquarium builders are vague about the internal structure, structure, layout and water intake points of the aquarium, resulting in design defects.

2. In the aquarium design, it is necessary to reasonably calculate the ratio of water surface to water bottom according to the biological load to distribute the water intake ratio.

3. In the design of aquarium, the flow rate must be strictly required. This determines whether the living environment can ensure comfort. Water quality will also be affected.

4. In the design of aquarium, the proportion of mechanical filtration and biological filtration should also be analyzed and considered. In the design process, it is necessary to consider how to reasonably arrange the location of equipment and packing, which determines the aquarium water quality and biological survival rate.

5. Select the appropriate type of power equipment. We need to select appropriate power equipment according to the characteristics of the survival system. For example, considering reasonable choices in all aspects of the project can reduce operating costs and bring direct economic benefits to the aquarium.

Aquarium design should also consider the adaptability of different animals to the facilities. For different animals and diseases, the protection pools must be separated or even separated. However, the ocean hall should be relatively moderate from the hospital, ready to deal with some unexpected situations.

The above is the reason analysis of aquarium design problems and the corresponding problems needing attention. If you want to know more, you can click here: Aquarium project.