An Aquarium of International Quality but Reasonable Price


Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd. was establi […]

Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It is a professional company integrating large acrylic panels and custom acrylic aquarium.

The company has a professional project planning, planning, design and construction team to investigate and understand the investment market for customers, analyze and forecast the market trends, and carry out investment budget, scheme creation, design and construction until the operation management after the completion of the project under the condition that the owner fully confirms it.

The hardness and impact resistance of the acrylic fish tank are very high at the use angle. Another point is that no matter the weather is hot or cold, or the pH value cannot affect the acrylic fish tank. Due to the particularity of acrylic glass materials, different shapes can be made according to the space required for installation. Acrylic glass aquariums are light in weight, and large common aquariums are twice as heavy as acrylic aquariums. The impact strength of acrylic fish tank is 16 times that of ordinary glass fish tank. Acrylic glass fish tanks can be made higher according to the water level. For example, our common large fish tanks with high water level are all made of acrylic glass.

The conservation and medical treatment of marine animals are also necessary facilities to be considered in the aquarium project. For different animals and different diseases, the conservation pools must be separated or even set up separate isolation pools. Animal display requires a large amount of transparent body materials. Aquariums made of acrylic materials should not only have good light transmittance, clarity and small deformation, but also can withstand huge water pressure.

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