Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Acrylic Panel


Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology […]

Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd is a collection of large acrylic (PMMA) panels and custom acrylic aquarium into a professional company.

What are the advantages and characteristics of large acrylic panel? let's take a look.

Advantages 1-good transparency and light transmittance

The transparency and translucency of acrylic thick plate customization are all very good, reaching over 92%, which is because the production process in the production process can ensure the transparency and pure white degree of the plate.

Advantages 2-easy maintenance and strong plasticity

Acrylic plate is convenient to maintain and easy to clean. If it is rainwater, it can be cleaned by itself, or it can be cleaned by scrubbing with soap and soft cloth. In addition, acrylic plate has strong plasticity, great changes in its shape, and is easy to process and form.

Advantages 3-Strong Impact Resistance and Rich Colors

Acrylic door panels have strong impact resistance, which is generally 16 times higher than that of ordinary glass. They are especially suitable for installation in places requiring safety. In addition, they are rich in color and gorgeous, and some other materials cannot employ beautiful brightness. Because of its variety and excellent comprehensive performance.

Of course, acrylic plates also have disadvantages:

Acrylic table top has relatively low hardness, so its heat resistance is poor and it cannot contact with overheated objects for a long time. In addition, its extensibility is relatively low, which means it may cause chipping and deformation. During use, it is not stable in color and may lead to fluffing.

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