Advantages And Disadvantages of Acrylic Fish Tank


Ornamental fish tanks are essential equipment for raisi […]

Ornamental fish tanks are essential equipment for raising ornamental fish. However, there are many ornamental fish tanks in the market and the choice of styles and materials is very wide. How can we distinguish the characteristics and selection methods of each type of fish tank? The following is an introduction to you.

1. Ordinary glass fish tanks, which are common in fish tanks and their classification, are characterized by turquoise green, but not durable. If transparency is not high, the appreciation effect is not good, and if exposed to the rain, they will deform easily.

2. The second common fish tank in fish tank and its classification is acrylic fish tank, i.e. organic glass fish tank, which is characterized by strong toughness, light weight, high transparency and water pressure resistance. The disadvantage is easy to scratch, but its surface can be reground.

3. Float glass aquariums are popular in aquariums and their classification. They are characterized by strong shockproof and explosion-proof capability, non-friability, high safety, good thermal insulation and relatively high price.

4. toughened glass fish tank, also known as reinforced glass fish tank, has the outstanding advantages of strong pressure resistance, four to five times stronger than ordinary glass, high impact strength and thermal stability in fish tanks and their classification.

5. Crystal glass fish tank is called crystal glass, that is, its glass is crystal clear but fragile. Removing external forces, it is still the dream fish tank of many fish friends in the fish tank and its classification.

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