Acrylic Tunnel Helps Aquarium Attract More Tourists


When aquarium tunnels are installed in small and large […]

When aquarium tunnels are installed in small and large aquarium exhibits, tourists are encouraged to take part in sea life and enjoy spectacular scenes they have never experienced before.

Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Team will turn your aquarium concept and concept into reality. Acrylic Aquarium offers a full range of acrylic services, including bonding, thermoforming and casting acrylic annealing to create aquarium tunnels, domes, curved and large panels designed for stunning underwater landscapes.

Acrylic acid has excellent optical transparency. Unlike glass, acrylic acid is very transparent and does not produce green or smoked tones. Combining this transparency with high impact resistance, durability and ease of renovation, there is no doubt why acrylic aquarium is used all over the world. These unique characteristics make it the preferred material for underwater aquarium tunnels, viewing windows, domes and curved panels in the aquarium industry.

Why do you want to buy a standard aquarium, you must suit your decoration? Design a customized aquarium system and create your own unique things.

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