Acrylic is A Wise Choice When Making Aquarium Tunnels


Acrylic aquarium tunnel: Because of its plasticity, acr […]

Acrylic aquarium tunnel: Because of its plasticity, acrylic is a wise choice when making submarine tunnels. Acrylic has a high safety factor, high transparency, and a light transmittance of 92%. It is known as "plastic crystal". And has good weather resistance, both good surface hardness and gloss, according to customer requirements can be made 270 ° tunnel, 180 ° tunnel and 90 ° semi-tunnel.

Basic characteristics of acrylic fish tank:

  1. Using imported Lucite acrylic raw materials, no yellowing, and guaranteed quality.
  2. Weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance of acrylic fish tank.
  3. Acrylic fish tank has good light transmittance, up to 92%.
  4. Acrylic fish tank has a long service life, with a service life of more than 30 years.
  5. Acrylic fish tank is colorful and high brightness, which is incomparable to other materials.
  6. Acrylic fish tank has strong plasticity, large changes in shape and easy processing.
  7. Convenient maintenance, easy to clean, rainwater can be cleaned naturally, or just scrub with soap and soft cloth; the body polymerization, seamless splicing bonding process is used to ensure that the fish tank is transparent and has no joints, beautiful and stronger.

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