Acrylic Aquarium is the Magical World in Children's Hearts


The acrylic glass underwater tunnel in the aquarium is […]

The acrylic glass underwater tunnel in the aquarium is the "magic world" in the hearts of children. However, the homogenization phenomenon including the repeated construction of the aquarium tunnel has become a proposition that the industry is rethinking.

If you compare the aquariums in different cities in China, would you have such doubts: Acrylic glass underwater tunnels, dolphin shows, fish exhibitions, which almost become the "standard" for every family. If so, is there a need for repeated appreciation?

More than 80 aquariums and aquariums at home and abroad gathered together, and the industry's retrospective outlook, display of innovation and innovation, and aquarium conservation and breeding have all become the focus of discussion.

The first aquarium in China was established in 1932. The Qingdao Aquarium was promoted by cultural celebrities such as Cai Yuanpei and Li Shizeng. At that time, its scale and level were the highest in Asia. However, since the decline of national strength and frequent wars, the industry has been sluggish.

Since 1995, a new type of aquarium has emerged in the country. That is, in that year, the Aquarium Professional Committee of the China Association of Natural Science Museum was established. In the following 20 years, the Aquarium Professional Committee witnessed the process of the Chinese aquarium from single to full bloom.

From the few families at the time of the founding to the explosive development, the Chinese aquarium has grown to more than 120 conservative statistics. In terms of the number of pavilions, China has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

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